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I decided to take the day off today. It wasn’t because I wanted to relax. In fact, it was for exactly the opposite reason: I wanted to feel…

Status Update


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this important status update . Writer’s Block can strike at any moment, and it…

Ancient Programming Proverbs


My last few posts have been a bit more weighty; so, let’s lighten it up w/ a few “Ancient Programming Proverbs”! If it ain’t broke, add more…

Beyond Ignorance


Recently, somebody sent me some fake news about how core components of Linux were going to be revoked due to some kind of “Social Justice…

Work vs Value: Pt. 2


A very wise man once asserted : You get paid for the amount of value you add, not the amount of work you do. After some consideration…

Feedback(fire) Loop


“Customers, this is a fully-booked train! I repeat: a fully-booked train! Please remove your belongings from the seats so that other…

Twitter: The Good Parts


Nowadays, we tend to think of Twitter as an echo chamber for intolerance and hatred. But, is still has plenty of good things to offer as…

The Singularity Already Happened


That’s right: The Singularity already happened. Or rather, we’ve been in the midst of The Singularity for at least a decade now. If I had…

Work vs Value: Pt. 1


Let’s just cut to the chase: you get paid for the amount of value you add, not the amount of work you do. (Erm… almost. Check part…



Starting a new project can be overwhelming. On a day-to-day basis, it might seem like there is simply no progress being made at all. This…

3D-Printing Changed my Life!!!


Okay, that title might be a tad overdramatic, but hear me out. I used to live in a 900+ square foot apartment in Falls Church, VA. When I…

TODO: Basically Everything


It’s been less than a day since I announced the relaunch of this site . For the record, here’s what the site currently looks like: In a…

rm -Rf /


It’s official: I’ve nuked my old blog. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I actually backed up the server a few weeks ago, and I even migrated…

This is the end;
there is no more.
Come back again
when you are bored.