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Why I Left the Church


Well, there are actually more reasons for this than I can fit into a single post. But, given the recent tragedy at Christchurch Mosque, I decided it’s time to start talking about at least one of these reasons.

Putting it bluntly: for many members, the Christian Church is just a convenient facade for harboring hatred and fear.

Ouch. Those words might sting. If so, then you probably needed to hear them.

At its core, I believe the Christian Doctrine provides a lot of positive value. But, for most people, the Christian Doctrine isn’t the Church. The Church is the community around them, and the beliefs that are reverberated within this community.

But, the community preaches love and peace! How dare you claim that it’s a facade for hatred and fear!?

Sure, it preaches love and peace if you belong to the community. But, if you are outside of that community, then it’s nothing but xenophobia, homophobia, bigotry, and hatred. For instance, here are several beliefs that are actively promoted by self-proclaimed Christians:

  • “God hates fags!”
  • “Those towel-heads better find Jesus or we’re gonna nuke their desert into glass!”
  • “The Mexicans are flooding into our country and raping our women!”
  • “God used slavery so that he could bless the world with black people!”
  • “Feminism is a rejection of God’s will! Women were created to be subservient to men!”
  • Etc.

I’m not kidding. I’ve watched rooms full of devout Christians nodding in agreement to these assertions on several occasions. Ugh — even typing these things makes me feel sick!

Okay… fine. But, that’s not the love that Jesus preached! The community is just misguided!


From my standpoint, “Leaving the Church” seemed to be the best way to pursue the love and peace that Jesus actually preached.

Am I out of touch?  No, it's the Church who is wrong.

To many of the Church’s members, the community is a source of inspiration and strength. But, I honestly cannot be part of a community that vilifies everything that is outside of itself.

I hope that someday the Church can understand that it has a lot to gain by being more open to the world. In the meantime, I’ll continue pursuing love and peace in my own way.