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More Neato Instagrams!


ACK! I seem to have come down w/ a case of writer’s block! Instead of spending half of my day struggling through it, I’m just gonna share a few more of my favorite Instagram posts. Everybody wins!

Amtrak Sunset

Last June, I decided that I needed a change of scenary for a few days. So, I spent some time working remotely from Norfolk, Virginia. I photographed this sunset while riding the Amtrak back to DC.

Insomnia Sunrise

Insomnia can be rough, but it occasionally has its perks as well. For instance, if I hadn’t woken up at 4:00 AM, then I would have completely missed this sunrise!

A Church... I think

I think Dracula was visiting this church or something. I dunno — looked kinda spooky!

My ride!

Okay — this isn’t exactly an amazing photo. I just wanted to show off my bike’s fancy wheel lights!

Another Amtrak Sunset

Mike and Conner

This is my favorite photo of my brother (Mike) and his doggo (Conner).

Snowy Weather

The final season of Game of Thrones starts today. Therefore, the law requires me to make the following statement about this photo:

Winter is coming.

Haunted 18th Street

There was a really spooky fog outside one day! This is what 18th Street looked like moments before all of the zombies showed up!

Alright, that’s all I have for now! If you want more, then check out my previous list of Neato Instagrams. You might also enjoy The Doggos of 2018.