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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

I was visiting family in Ohio all weekend, so I didn’t really have much opportunity to work on my blog. BUT: to make up for it, I’m including some pictures of my brothers’ doggos!

On a side note: yesterday, I spent a few hours sorting through some old floppy disks that my parents had in their basement. In the process, I may-or-may-not have discovered a few interesting essays that I wrote back in high school. Stay tuned!

PS: Here are the doggos you were waiting for.

Alfred O. Sauce

Bunny Ears

Alfred wasn’t exactly thrilled about the bunny ears…

Alfred on the Couch

Here’s Alfred hanging out on the couch w/ Mom and Mark.

Alfred is Smiling!

Alfred usually has a very solemn expression on his face, but here he is smiling!


Conner peeking out

This picture was captured during the 0.0001 seconds before Conner transformed into pure energy and ran everywhere in the house at once.


See what I mean?