Putting the "hat" back in "What?"!

Idiot in Chief


Donald Trump is fucking incompetent.

Worse than that, he actively undermines anybody that is even remotely competent.

During the course of his presidency, his own staff has resigned in droves. Each time, they tell exactly the same story: Donald Trump is an idiot who is unfit for the presidency. He ignores the advice of his top officials and makes irrational decisions. His remaining staff is doing everything in their power to prevent him from wrecking the country. But sooner or later, they get fed up and resign.

Yet, Trump managed to convince his voter base that he’s “cleaning up the government”. So, whenever somebody resigns in disgust, Trump just points his finger at them and yells “They were a bad person! A bad, bad person!“. Nevermind the fact that Trump hand-picked them for his staff and was literally just praising them weeks ago. Nope — they aren’t going to put up with Trump’s shit anymore, and therefore Trump is going to publicly undermine them.

And, his voter base believes every word of it. I mean, why should they doubt their savior? If Jesus says that someone is bad, then they must be bad! Like the Bible says: don’t ask questions! Have blind faith in authority figures! Trump knows best!

For example: Trump knew that the Coronavirus was a hoax concocted by the Democrats! He heard it was like the flu. There were 15, maybe 12, people infected in the United States. It was going to just disappear like a miracle before April. Plus, he was pretty sure that they’d invent a cure in a month or two. Sure, the top virus experts told him that it would take at least 12 to 18 months to have a vaccine ready, but what did they know? None of them are a very stable genius like him!

Once again: his voter base believed every word of it. Why should they question the word of God? Boy, those Democrats were sure dumb for worrying about a stupid foreign virus! It’s not like the United States would botch the entire thing through a misinformation campaign like China did!

Inexplicably, Trump’s word didn’t stop the Coronavirus from spreading. The World Health Organization officially declared the Coronavirus to be a global pandemic, and there are now over 1200 1600 confirmed cases in the United States. Of course, there has been a severe shortage of test kits over the last several weeks, which has made it infeasible for most people to get tested. And by “infeasible”, I mean “testing has been denied to numerous individuals”. More than likely, the infection count is already significantly higher than we realize.

You can't have a pandemic if you health services can't test for it

Obviously, this can’t possibly be Trump’s fault! It’s not like he spent the last several weeks undermining the experts and calling the whole thing a hoax! And, it’s not like he fired the US pandemic response team in 2018! Shut up, Snopes — you’re FAKE NEWS! This is Nancy Pelosi’s fault somehow!

So, here’s a prediction: now that the United States is finally taking this seriously, we are going to avoid the worst of the disaster. A lot of people will get sick, but they will survive because we didn’t completely overwhelm our healthcare system. By June, a lot of Trump’s supporters will be convinced that Trump was right about the “Coronavirus hoax”, and they’ll be upset that the Democrats cancelled basketball for nothing.

But no: Trump is not your savior. He did not have divine insight that allowed him to perceive The Truth™ about the Coronavirus. He is an incompetent idiot. We are just fortunate that there are still competent people around him who are able to minimize the damage he causes.