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Here’s a fun thing that happened on Twitter a few weeks ago during the Impeachment Hearings:

Tweet text: So, the Republican logic is roughly: 1. You claim that threats were made. 2. The threats did not play out. 3. Therefore, the threats did not happen.  ... wat?  πŸ€” #ImpeachmentHearings

Tweet text: no u moron, you are making the accusations so you must prove that these threats occured. If not, I could say you said you would kill a mayor and if it didnt happen, I could still  accuse u of saying that, citing the reason "just because it didnt happen dosent mean shit.".....Ass

Welcome to Twitter! I see that you were born on roughly October 4, 2019.  Did you know that Twitter can be used for much more than screaming into the political void?  Personally, I enjoy all of the pictures of cute animals that Twitter provides!

Tweet text: i will pray for you

Image: a kitten that looks like it's praying

Twitter text: nice pic

Honestly, I’m still surprised that the situation was defused so effectively. Do I get a trophy?