Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Ancient Programming Proverbs


My last few posts have been a bit more weighty; so, let’s lighten it up w/ a few “Ancient Programming Proverbs”!

If it ain’t broke, add more features!

You can’t build a skyscraper by stacking houses on top of each other.

We know it doesn’t make any sense; but, the business insisted.

A “10x Developer” is someone who works for more ego and less pay.

Would you rather be driven off a cliff by a “Non-Seeing Cab Driver” or a “Non-Technical Project Manager”?

You can’t QA your own code, just like you can’t taste your own soup!

One prototype is worth a hundred planning meetings.

The person who said “One prototype is worth a hundred planning meetings” failed to understand the value of billable procrastination.

No amount of new features will turn a horse into a car.

The best way to get somebody to listen is by having a fancy title.