Putting the "hat" back in "What?"!

Illusion of Power


Gun ownership grants the illusion of power to individuals who are struggling to succeed at life.

This is the real reason people are clamoring for gun ownership. They have lost control over other aspects of their lives, and they are clinging to an idea that makes them feel powerful.

Incidents such as the one that occurred at Tree of Life Synagogue today are a gun fanatic’s wet dream. They imagine themselves being there and saving the day thanks to their proficiency with guns. Then, they finally show everybody that THEY are the hero, and THEY are powerful!

In reality, they would panic just like everybody else.

Someday, they might be able to rekindle the illusion of power that gun ownership gave them. But, it would never be quite the same. They would know that when the moment arose, they were still powerless.

Gun ownership itself is not a problem. The problem is that gun ownership is fueling peoples’ power fantasies rather than actually empowering them. It’s like giving an alcoholic more beer to help them cope with their alcoholism.

If we really want to solve the root problem, then we need to find ways to empower people to succeed in their daily lives.