Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

rm -Rf /


It’s official: I’ve nuked my old blog.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I actually backed up the server a few weeks ago, and I even migrated the old blog into a VirtualBox Appliance. So, it’s just sleeping in cloud storage right now.

(Insert non-copyright-infringing image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite here…)

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I removed 10 years of content from the internet. There were several reasons, both technical and non-technical. Blah blah blah — Let’s skip straight to the non-technical reasons!

My previous blog was heading in a direction that I didn’t like. Originally, I just wrote about things that I personally found interesting. Writing a post would help me organize my thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Occasionally, I’d produce concepts that others found intriguing! Other times, I’d get accused of things like heresy! Those were the days…

At some point, though, I stopped writing my blog for myself, and instead began writing it for an audience. As a result, my posts began to focus on technical and business topics that are frequently encountered in software-engineering careers. Instead of questioning the nature of reality, I was spending my time writing blockbuster hits such as:

  • 3 Tools that are Worth Paying For
  • Is it Wasteful to Automate Non-Regression Tests?
  • How to Publish Transpiled ES6 to npm

(ugh… seriously. My last 3 years of posts were all like that!)

So, this reboot is my attempt to rekindle the original spirit of I’m no longer going to spend time writing something just because I think a software-engineering audience might find it useful. Instead, I’m going to focus on my personal interests. Hopefully, my audience will enjoy the ride!