Narrated by Morgan Freeman.



I strongly doubt that the recent SCOTUS rulings were a coincidence.

Instead, I suspect that they are a mitigation strategy to minimize the damage caused to the GOP by the Jan 6 hearings. Here’s how it works:

The Jan 6 committee has already presented extremely damning evidence against Trump and his inner circle. It has also hinted that it has evidence that implicates many GOP members of Congress. If these members are removed from office, then it would be a death sentence to the GOP.

Therefore, SCOTUS did the following to protect from this outcome:

  1. They overturned Roe vs Wade. This gave Trump a major political victory that he could point to, and it reinvigorated his followers. Plus, it introduced a huge distraction from the Jan 6 hearings.
  2. They overturned rulings related to guns. Now Trump’s reinvigorated followers are free to carry guns in public. In other words: they are now armed, and they can inflict violent retribution for any “perceived wrong”.

In short, SCOTUS is creating a situation where the Jan 6 hearings will be forced to stop due to the heightened risk of violence. The truth will never be exposed, and the corrupt members of the GOP can continue their manipulative schemes. The GOP, as a whole, will survive.

To be clear, I’m NOT undermining the significance of the SCOTUS rulings. SCOTUS is intentionally inflicting harm upon us so that the GOP can escape while we cry out in pain. It is another abusive tactic. We need to be mindful of it so that we can end the abuse once and for all.