Distributed Resque (or Pyres!) Workers

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According to the Redis security guide: Redis is designed to be accessed by trusted clients inside trusted environments. Basically, this means that it is not safe to expose a Redis server to the public internet.  But, what if you’re using Resque (or Pyres!) and your worker machines are distributed across the internet?  How can they […]


Stealing Passwords the Easy Way!

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If you work in the same office as me, then you should stop reading this blog post immediately.  Thanks! … Ahem.  Anyway, almost everyone in my office has exactly the same model of wireless keyboard.  If I listened to the devil sitting on my left shoulder, then I would: Show up to the office early. […]


Securing a Private Gem Server

Posted on is unquestionably a cornerstone of the Ruby ecosystem.  Almost every open-source gem is published to this central hub.  Furthermore, Ruby’s package management system integrates directly with this site, which makes it unbelievably simple for developers to download the gem dependencies that they need. But, if you write code for an organization, then has […]