How to speak Django

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G’day, mate! The last few months have been a fantastic adventure! I have been integrating with the Django natives, learning their language and their culture. It’s really been quite an eye-opening experience, and it has truly helped me appreciate the modern conveniences of polyglot programming. The initial immersion was admittedly a bit rough, and it […]

setuptool’s “test” command hates atexit

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Earlier today, I was writing a Python module that made extensive use of temporary directories.  As you might already know, Python’s ‘tempfile’ module automatically deletes temporary files when it exits, but it does not delete temporary directories.  To work around this quirk, I decided to register an ‘atexit’ event handler to my module.  It basically […]


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About 7 years ago, I purchased a book called Mud Game Programming.  Although this book looked really interesting, I was always frustrated because I could never get the BetterMud to compile correctly.  Well, today I decided I’d like to try writing a MUD again, so I spent a few hours fixing compilation issues in the […]