FYI: World Ending. kthxbye

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I had always assumed that a U.F.O. invasion would occur on a relatively cloudy day.  Everyone would be inside watching TV, lethargic and unaware of the alien armies amassing just outside their windows.  Then — SNAP! — the power would shut off, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth would commence.  Moments later, the alien […]


Taken Literally

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In one of the projects I’m involved with, we’re re-architecting a module so that its underlying components can communicate in a more asynchronous fashion.  As a result of this, it is possible that some components may receive messages that are based upon data that is known to be outdated.  To address this, I added a […]


Automated Response

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Either this response was written entirely by a computer, or the person who wrote the template hasn’t talked to an actual human being in months.  Questions that come to mind: Why does the e-mail exclaim PASSWORD TOKEN right after it said “Hello”? Reset my password using this temporary code?  The words “temporary code” look like […]