Babel 6 won’t work, and I hate everything!!!

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So, you just installed the latest version of Babel, and you transpiled your ES6 code into ES5. At least, that’s what you thought. But then, your code exploded at runtime, and your dog left the room disgust. What could have possibly gone wrong? Dismayed, you glanced at the transpiled output to see the following:


How to speak Django

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G’day, mate! The last few months have been a fantastic adventure! I have been integrating with the Django natives, learning their language and their culture. It’s really been quite an eye-opening experience, and it has truly helped me appreciate the modern conveniences of polyglot programming. The initial immersion was admittedly a bit rough, and it […]


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Are you interviewing a know-it-all who thinks that the fizz-buzz problem is too easy?  Then try giving them the advanced version of the problem: fizz-buzz-wheeze-cough! Rules First, start with the classic (boring) rules: If N is divisible by 3, then print “fizz” If N is divisible by 5, then print “buzz” Otherwise, print N Then, sprinkle in these […]