Stealing Passwords the Easy Way!

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If you work in the same office as me, then you should stop reading this blog post immediately.  Thanks! … Ahem.  Anyway, almost everyone in my office has exactly the same model of wireless keyboard.  If I listened to the devil sitting on my left shoulder, then I would: Show up to the office early. […]

Spam Bot Spills its Guts

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I was skimming through the spam comments when I spotted this little gem:

Hmm.  I think an important step might have been overlooked…

Unclogging Congress

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I’ve been wondering: what would happen if we just began firing members of Congress at random?  That is: everyday, we draw a name out of a hat, and the lucky winner immediately gets fired, perhaps even out of a cannon.  Oh — and their pension is depleted to help subsidize 50 furloughed workers.  Do you […]