Is it Wasteful to Automate non-Regression Tests?

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This morning, I saw the following question posted on LinkedIn: I suspect that Bright posted this as a thought experiment rather than an assertion. Why? Because the statement is a vast over-simplification. When it comes down to it, we’re just talking about minimizing the person-hours dedicated to the following tasks: Test Creation Test Execution Analysis […]

How to Modify URL Query Parameters in Node.js

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In my previous post, I suggested that string concatenation is an unreliable way to modify URL queries. Let’s explore this idea a little further (or, just skip to the tl;dr if you just want the solution). First, let’s write a function that appends a URL query parameter via string concatenation:

Now, let’s throw some […]

How to Image^2

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That’s right — this article is about using CSS to square your images. Wasn’t that obvious from the title? 😉 Most of the time, WordPress does a pretty good job at creating square thumbnails for your images. But, if your image’s width or height is smaller than the thumbnail, then WordPress won’t actually resize or […]

Babel 6 won’t work, and I hate everything!!!

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So, you just installed the latest version of Babel, and you transpiled your ES6 code into ES5. At least, that’s what you thought. But then, your code exploded at runtime, and your dog left the room disgust. What could have possibly gone wrong? Dismayed, you glanced at the transpiled output to see the following: