3 Tools that are worth Paying For

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$3.99 / month for the Standard edition. (Paid annually)
$7.99 / month for the Business edition. (Paid annually)
What does it do?
It allows you to draw flow charts and other types of diagrams.
Why should I pay for it?
Once you start using Gliffy, you’ll want to diagram everything. Unfortunately, the free version of Gliffy only allows you to save 5 diagrams at a time. You can work around this by deleting diagrams that you don’t need anymore, but this can become problematic if you ever need to make revisions to a diagram that you deleted.

Upgrading to Standard edition will allow you to save up to 200 diagrams. You might use up this space eventually, but by then you will have plenty of diagrams that you can safely delete. So, this should be plenty of storage space for most people.

The Business edition provides additional shapes and entities that you can use in your diagrams. You might find these useful if you need to create ERD and UML diagrams. Otherwise, just stick with the Standard edition and save a few dollars.



$9 / month
Or: $75 / year (discounted)
What does it do?
It provides an HTML / CSS / Javascript sandbox. In other words, it allows you to get realtime feedback as you are making revisions to a UI.
Why should I pay for it?
In the free edition of CodePen, all of your code pens are public. This is great if you are trying to build your own portfolio… but, it’s not-so-great if you are trying to build something for a client.

The Pro edition (AKA: Entry-Level edition) allows you to create private code pens. This, by itself, is more than enough reason to subscribe. It also provides a handful of other features, such as 1 GB of asset storage. But, seriously — private code pens are awesome!



$39 / month (billed monthly)
Or: $29 / month (billed annually)
What does it do?
It allows you to view web pages using a ton of different browsers and devices. Thus, you can verify that your pages are rendering properly on all of your customers’ supported platforms.
Why should I pay for it?
To be honest, BrowserStack is completely optional. Instead, you can just buy several PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, and Blackberries. You also need to install a different version of each operating system on each device. And, you will need to install multiple versions of each browser within each of these operating system instances. So, it should only cost you several thousand dollars to assemble this testbed.

Or, you can just pay for BrowserStack. Whichever is easier.

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