Is it Wasteful to Automate non-Regression Tests?

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This morning, I saw the following question posted on LinkedIn: I suspect that Bright posted this as a thought experiment rather than an assertion. Why? Because the statement is a vast over-simplification. When it comes down to it, we’re just talking about minimizing the person-hours dedicated to the following tasks: Test Creation Test Execution Analysis […]

How to Modify URL Query Parameters in Node.js

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In my previous post, I suggested that string concatenation is an unreliable way to modify URL queries. Let’s explore this idea a little further (or, just skip to the tl;dr if you just want the solution). First, let’s write a function that appends a URL query parameter via string concatenation:

Now, let’s throw some […]

How to Image^2

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That’s right — this article is about using CSS to square your images. Wasn’t that obvious from the title? 😉 Most of the time, WordPress does a pretty good job at creating square thumbnails for your images. But, if your image’s width or height is smaller than the thumbnail, then WordPress won’t actually resize or […]